Cute game about the horrible slaughter in the teutoburg forest. There were no roman survivors. seriously.

Assets used

UI Font:
Title Font:
UI Graphics:
Ground Textures & Grass:

Source code

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AuthorsPhilippSeidel, chasmjaga, schweikart, Janispe
TagsCute, Historical, Low-poly, My First Game Jam, Relaxing, Story Rich, uwu


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funny game idea for this historical event. i really liked the figure design as they look like wooden puppets. you should try and print them out as 3D figurines !  :D

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The animation is pretty cool,and the gameplay is fun once you`ve figured it out.Overall a nice game and I enjoy the intro.

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cool concept, not much polish or content though. Great job still and I really like the art style


It´s a nice game to play,cute design